And Then Transcendence: My Bloody Valentine’s Sensory Assault

POSTED BY cortney ON (Central Time):

Wow. after following the intensity of your words to describe your experience at this event, I am quite certain I would not have been able to tolerate this production. I would have had to walk out. Just from your description alone, there is no doubt in my mind that i would have not have made it. I imagine it to be quite a thrilling experience from start to finish, as you have described - yet the listener most likely needs to be a particular type of participant who is willing to let themselves be totally consumed by the experience, relinquishing any sense of control of self to the musicians. That in itself, is pretty interesting - yet a a specific experience for a unique and willing participant.thanks for sharing...


I understand. I tried to write the post in such a way that I didn't imply any judgment, positive or negative, about those who opted to leave. Most people I know don't regularly use earplugs and have reasonable expectations about sound levels and noise that this show would have tested. Had I not known ahead of time, I might have regarded the holocaust section (and perhaps the entire concert) as a self-indulgent exercise. While there's a part of me that endorses that interpretation, I ultimately found it beautiful. I hope those who weren't expecting what happened and didn't like the show haven't suffered any permanent damage. And, lastly, I'm glad you didn't have to experience it: the show clearly was aimed at a very specific audience...