Elsewhere Is Here


After promising late last year that there’d be a mechanism for my posting material that neither necessitated a full Musing nor was specific enough to this site for a News item, I’ve finally put that mechanism in place. You might see it over there in the navigation section, nestled between Musings and Faves. As the name indicates, Elsewhere strictly comprises links to material on other sites. For each link, there’s a small blurb, and when useful, supplementary links to provide broader context. The first three—on Vini Reilly, Johnny Marr, and the history of hip-hop—are an indication of what you might expect down the line, and I’ll do my best to ensure they’re always worth your time. Finally, as is true for Musings and News, there’s a feed for Elsewhere, which you can access by clicking the RSS icon on any page in the category or on the Feeds page. Enjoy…