These are demo mixes of songs that will more than likely be on the final version of Honey-Flavored Soap (the first six selections and last two) and the follow-up EP AD (the two sandwiched between them). To hear them, you’ll need to ensure that Javascript is enabled (in most cases, it already is) and, for good measure, that you’ve installed Apple’s QuickTime (version 6.x or greater) or an MPEG-4 (mp4 or m4a) player.

Clicking one of the links below will open a new window with song lyrics and an audio player. If you’re accessing a song via a dial-up connection, please wait for the two timing numbers (0:00 and another indicating the total length of the track) to appear. Then click the play button. Depending on the speed of your connection, you should have more or less uninterrupted play once the audio loads.