More to See, More on the Horizon


Now that the academic year has ended and most of my lingering work has been dispatched, I can finally turn my attention back to posting some of the materials I’ve been holding in reserve. Appearing with embarrassingly long-ago-promised posts, there’ll be some additions to the Perfect Pop Songs series and more of my musings alongside tidbits from around the web that you’ve seen more of here lately. So keep your browsers trained on this space, and if you still have a feed reader of some sort, subscribe to this site’s feeds so that you’ll know when new content appears. Finally, if you own a high-resolution mobile or desktop device (like the latest iPhones, iPads, Android phones and some Macintosh computers), you’ll enjoy looking at these pages even more now. All of the images have been updated to look wonderful on those so-called “retina” devices as well as their predecessors. As always, enjoy…