The 2009 Runners-Up


After getting a gentle nudge from Zach yesterday—a nudge that reinforced those coming from other friends—I’ve posted the 2009 Faves list (for a little background on it, check out this this News post). If you’ve perused these lists in the past, you know that each list has a counterpart: a selection of good discs that, for various reasons, didn’t make it onto the official list and its accompanying compilation.

This here is the companion list.

As has been the case in previous years, the reasons these discs appear here rather than on the Faves are too many to characterize in detail. In general, they are well-conceived and well-recorded, and each of them, I think, rewards repeated listening. Each of my journeys through their sonic territory, though, seemed slightly less fulfilling, a little less full of moments that I had to mark mentally.

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