The Sound of Vidro Azul


Once again, there’s been a lengthy gap between posts. In the coming weeks, though, you can expect to see more activity as I put to screen my thoughts about the flood of new releases that are lining my shelves and sometimes appearing on my radio show. Among them will be my musings on the latest releases by Cat Power, Beth Orton, the Flaming Lips, Prince, Belle & Sebastian, and many others. Stay tuned.

Otherwise, I’m posting to share something that Pedro shared with me a few months back. At his alma mater, Universidade de Coimbra, there’s a DJ named Ricardo Mariano who does a great weekly show called Vidro Azul (Blue Glass). The playlists the previous link reveals are quite impressive (and exhibit considerable overlap with Ear Candy for Insomniacs), but you don’t have to restrict yourself to admiring what he plays, you can also listen by subscribing to his podcast. You can do so either by pasting this link into whatever RSS reader you use to subscribe to podcasts or searching for the show title in the Podcasts area of the iTunes music store. You will not be disappointed—though you may not understand his on-air commentary. Happy listening…

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