Yet Another Teaser (Talk Talk)


While I had hoped that there would be some lead time, at least enough to allow me to finish what I wanted to write before anyone else posted something, it turns out the folks over at The Quietus have trumped me: today their “twenty years on” item on Talk Talk’s Laughing Stock (1991) appeared.

I’ll still be posting my own reflections on the album at some point later this week (likely to coincide with the US rather than the UK release date), so I won’t be reading their feature just yet, and I’ll refrain from saying why it’s important for me to write about the album here. Keep your browser at the ready. And, if you’re curious, those things I said were on the back burner over a year ago? They’re still there—along with the list of my 2010 favorites. Soon it will all start to appear. Really.