Scheme Change


With so many things occupying my attention on any given day, I sometimes have difficulty remembering seemingly little things that I want to do. One of them—simplifying the links for individual posts in the Musings, News and Faves categories—has long been on the list of tweaks to make. But, really, I should say, was on that list, since I redid the URL scheme here a few days ago. So, where once a page might have had a link that was server-readable (e.g., “dynpost.php?post_id=[something]”) but not exactly easy-to-remember, now all such links are simpler and shorter (e.g., “post/[something]/”).

I’ve made changes throughout the site to reflect the changed scheme/nomenclature, so all internal links and navigation controls work as they did in the past. In the event that you’ve linked to one or more pages from one of your sites or mentioned one somewhere else, the old links will still work, but you might want to replace them with their shinier, sleeker successors. While altering the links, I also made some subtler, under-the-hood modifications that affect the way that search engines index the site’s material, but they need not detain us. All you need to know is that pages load faster, and your browser has to do less work. Sweet, no?