Commenting Restored … Again


Sometimes I have to take some time out from my everyday life to ask some non-everyday questions … like why folks who learn, from a certain elsewhere, of updates to the Musings page comment in that other place rather than here. I think of my small cadre of readers as highly intelligent people, ones who wouldn’t read something here, then waste time going back there when there’s a convenient link handy at the bottom of a page. Something else had to be happening, I figured. So, in the midst of some other under-the-hood updates, I did some investigating and learned that the commenting code was broken. It was so broken, in fact, that anyone wanting to comment would be confronted with some bewildering error messages and incompletely rendered pages.

The commenting system is fixed now.

If those of you who read those Musings choose not to comment in the future, I’ll have to figure out whether there are other reasons—beyond your perhaps obvious lack of time. More to come…