Back from Somewhere


Despite all evidence to the contrary, I have not fallen off the face of the earth. Nor have I abandoned this site (though I am passively abandoning Facebook—but that’s another story).

Given the long breaks between my two June posts (on Prince and Michael Jackson, respectively) and the news item that appeared on 2 December as well the months that have passed since the latter, one might be forgiven for thinking something wicked might my way have come, but nothing so vile has occurred. There have been the usual ups and downs as well as new ones for good measure, but the good news is that everything is resolved (or being resolved) and that there are potentially good things on the horizon.

Most immediately, note that I’ve finally posted my 2009 Faves list and its accompanying list of also-rans. The former is somewhat bittersweet, for it includes discs by two artists whose work I started exploring in earnest last year, both of whom died recently: Vic Chesnutt and Lhasa (de Sela). While their respective back catalogs are not that extensive, each one has lots of gems, and one might argue those two artists were producing some of their best work right at the end. Who knows what might have come next?

As for items further out on the horizon, I’ll mention only two. One, I’ve got a backlog of half-finished posts that I’ll get to soon to post here—musings on music, mortality and many other things. And, two, there’s finally some Honey-Flavored Soap news. Remember that? The long-promised album, some of whose demos are on the Songs page? Well, I’m finally working on it again after my February convalescence left me with few options for activity beyond reading and listening. During that time, while cleaning out a closet, I found a hard drive that was my only link to material I recorded before 2005—everything else was stolen in an early 2006 break-in. I’d long assumed that said hard drive was broken (it was pretty violently thrashed by the thieves), and even if it weren’t, I no longer possessed the (older) technology to get it up and running. On a lark, I plunked down money for an adapter and, when it arrived, put together the most outstanding technological kludge—a chain of adapters terminating in a USB cable fuelled by a poorly matched power supply. Miraculously, it worked long enough for me recover all of that precious data (e.g., the original backing tracks for all of those demos as well as things only my friends Erik and Albin have heard). After I’ve converted all of the tracks from my old programs and gotten everything up and running with my new setup, the re-recording and mixing will commence. Stay tuned…