A Little Treat for (Some) Mobile Phone Visitors


I don’t know whether there’s any existing or pent-up demand for what I’m about to announce, but here goes. In my still-nonexistent spare time, I’ve stolen a few moments over the last several weeks to do some minor coding tweaks to this site. For most of you, they won’t affect the way you view or otherwise interact with the content here. For those growing numbers of you who own a certain mobile device, however, the experience has been enhanced.

To wit, there’s now an iPhone-optimized version of the site that you can view simply by entering the URL for the main page (or any other one) in Safari on the phone. The server will detect that you’re using the Apple mobile device and reformat the pages accordingly. Note well that the navigational aids positioned in the sidebar have been stripped down and, in accordance with accepted guidelines for mobile page design, moved to the bottom of each window. If you do find yourself perusing the site with your iPhone, be sure to rotate the phone 90°, and watch the page reorient itself. Brilliant!