A Late Stocking Stuffer?


Even though 2008 has passed, I’m still processing it through a nearly around-the-clock reappraisal of all the new releases I purchased. That’s right, I’m in the first stage of preparing the 2008 compilation. With any luck, I’ll be sending it out soon along with the 2007 compilation that a number of duties conspired to keep confined to the Javacrossknit, cough, production facility last year. Rest assured, that despite the passage of time, the 2007 comp and its younger sibling will still contain surprises.

I still have four discs to audition before making my final choices. Expect there to be tracks representing at least 24 albums on the latest comp. Expect, as well, to see a list of the recordings that didn’t make the final list on these pages soon. Once I’ve selected the remaining discs, there remain two time-consuming stages: sequencing and production. I’ll post a notice when I start mailing packages to the lucky people on the list. Stay tuned…