Site Updates for Standards and Discoverability


Since last month’s site redesign, I’ve been making additional programming changes here, ones that hopefully make the pages load more quickly. That means, nonetheless, that those people who still use Internet Explorer—and the visitor stats for this site, collected via StatCounter, indicate that there are a lot of you—might have some issues viewing the pages. Those problems (tiny fonts, odd indentations) are a function of Microsoft’s insistence on doing things its own way rather than adopting the standards observed by most other modern browser designers. So I recommend using Safari (Mac users) and Firefox (everyone regardless of platform).

I’ve also added one other convenience, something that other designers might categorize under “discoverability.” I’m often surprised that some Internet users have no idea what RSS feeds are or how convenient they can make being informed of site updates. Since a number of browsers can now determine whether a page has a feed automatically, I’ve recoded every one tracked in one of this site’s feeds. That means, in most cases, that the box in your browser that shows the current page’s URL will also display some variant of the feed icon: . Thus, even if you don’t use a reader, you can still use your browser to subscribe to feeds and keep current with what’s happening here. More changes are on the horizon, so stay tuned…