Site Redesigned and Commenting Restored...


After months of idle promises, I’ve finally (almost) completed all of the updates I wanted to make to this site. The most obvious one is, of course, the new layout: it’s wider and has a less oppressive color scheme and more white space. Together those changes might make the site a bit more readable. I know I love looking it at it much more in this form.

The even bigger change is one you won’t see until you check out one—or any—of the posts on the Musings page. At long last, I’ve restored the ability for people to add comments. There are a few requirements, though. For security purposes, the first time you try to post a comment, you’ll have to register (with a valid e-mail address). Once you do, you’ll receive an e-mail with a link that, once clicked, will activate your account. Then, you can login to post your comment. Every time thereafter, you’ll simply have to login using the e-mail address and password you provided.

Just in case you’re wondering, your password will be encrypted in such a form that even I won’t be able to read it—so be sure to pick something you can remember. Soon, though, I’ll add some pages that will allow you to reset or change your password in the event that you forget it or want to enter a new one.

Please do let me know what you think of changes. You can do so by sending me a note via the Contact link in the sidebar. Enjoy…