Almost There...


Some of you have, I’m sure, been wondering where the 2007 Faves list is or whether it will ever appear. Fear not. December and the break following the term were a little busier than they’ve been the last few years, and the list of recordings I needed to give another listen (or two or three) was longer than it had been in the past.

The good news is that I’m really close to finalizing the list. I’ve been a bit more exacting in determining what constitutes a good album than I have in the past, and that’s saying quite a bit. Nonetheless, there remain only four albums for me to audition before making the final selections.

Sometime in the next few days, you’ll see the list of also-rans on the Musings page. That list will be followed in fairly short order by the best-of list. Quite soon afterwards, the mad sequencing will begin—and it will be a challenge. The amount of pop material on the year-end comp will be greater than it has been in the past. And if I can make everything come together, it’ll be, in my humble opinion, a set to rival the best hours of my dearly missed radio show.

If you’re on the list, watch your mailbox in February…