The New Site Is in Effect


After a lot of painstaking coding and testing, I’m nearly done with the under-the-hood changes mentioned in the last news item. All that remains is for me to re-implement the commenting system. While the free service that I was using before worked fine with the old implementation, I’m not sure whether it will work with the way the pages are now generated. When I restore commenting, another news post will make that clear. Otherwise, the new site is now live (actually, it has been since I uploaded all of the new files yesterday).

If you’re wondering why I’m making such a fuss about the design stuff, there’s a simple answer. Because I’d been so disappointed with the choices offered by free online blogging tools, especially those that make it difficult to create sites that host several blogs with a unified, interlinked system, I developed a workflow to allow me to do what I wanted. The downside of the process is that it involved my coding each page and feed by hand in TextWrangler and then uploading each changed file using a versatile program called Interarchy. Working that way was, as you might expect, time-consuming. My new workflow, whose tools (PHP and MySQL) have been available for years, allows me simply to make a new entry in a database and save the file. That’s it. When someone later accesses a page, they instantly see everything reformatted to reflect whatever change(s) I made. The upshot is that by simplifying the process, I’ve increased the likelihood that this site will be updated more frequently.

Among the things you might do to get the most out of the changes are the following. You’ll probably want to update any bookmarks to this site you might have by navigating to the relevant pages and then making the appropriate changes. Likewise, if you subscribe to any of this site’s feeds, it would be advisable for you to unsubscribe to them and re-enter the URLs in your feed reader. Lastly, while I’ve worked hard to update all of the internal links mentioned in “Musings” or “News” items, if you click something that’s supposed to take you to another page on this site and you receive an error, please use the “Contact” link in the sidebar to let me know about the problem.

That’s all for now. If you like the way things are working now, drop me a line. And stay tuned for other changes in usability….