Alternate Take Is Going Off-Air


A message in my inbox late last night contained some distressing news, news that I might have known sooner had I not been on vacation for the last several days: yet another enterprising music program has fallen victim to misguided public radio programmers.

If you’ve read my Musings or followed Ear Candy for Insomniacs at any point, it would be hard for you to have missed my numerous mentions of Liz Copeland, host of Alternate Take on WDET-FM in Detroit. If you never took the time to follow the links to hear what I was raving about, you have less than a week to do so. Her final show will be broadcast between midnight and 5 a.m. EDT on 31 March. Coming on the heels of Chicago Public Radio’s recent elimination of most of its original music programming, this is sad news indeed. I’ll have more to say about the larger issues involved on the Musings page shortly. In the meantime, visit the AT page and fire up your Windows Media Player to hear one or all of the five most recent episodes. You won’t be disappointed.