Earticklers on iLike.com


[Ed. Since adding this post, I've stopped using iLike, so all further references to it on this site have been removed or no longer function.]

I’ve just added another link to the Feeds page, which is a more up-to-the-moment version of the signatures that many of you see in personal e-mail messages from me. My pal J. Niimi turned me on to a social networking site called iLike that tracks the songs one plays in iTunes and records the information on a web page for all to see. Unlike other sites that require a lot of manual entry of information, this one automates the process of letting other people know what music you have in heavy rotation. As an added bonus, if the tracks are in the iLike database, you can actually sample them to decide whether you should try to acquire them.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be inviting various pals of mine to become members so we can be even more incestuously linked where music is concerned. If you’re already signed up for the service, why not add me as one of your pals?