The 2006 Best-Of List Has Been Posted


The 2006 Best-Of list is now up on the Faves page. Those of you who are on the distribution list for the 2006 compilation have only a week or two more before your two-disc package arrives in the mail (or is handed to you by me). I opted this year to use higher quality (read: not bought at an office supply store) CD-Rs and packaging created by a Chicago design studio.

As I wrote yesterday, the decision-making process was a bit harder for 2006. In many cases, I found myself having to listen to a single borderline recording three times in a row to make a choice. I’m really happy with the final list and would recommend any of those CDs to people who share tastes as eclectic as mine. I owe a special debt of thanks to two people in that category, my friends Jeff and Jason. The former recommended two of the items on the final list, while the latter turned me on to another last summer (as well as one of the items on the runner-up list posted yesterday). For that matter, I should thank Nate for one of the items on the list posted yesterday as well. He gets a disc, too. Hopefully, the three of them will discover some other items to tickle their ears when they receive their CDs.