More Site Changes, Recording Progress


“Why is it,” you might ask, “that the infrequent news updates seem to be only about site design?” Well, maybe it’s because I’m so busy with the recording and mixing work (as well as my regular day-to-day work) that I can’t spare time even for the slimmest update. So, the main point of this post is to announce yet one more subtle change to the appearance of the site. To put it simply, the color scheme was getting to me. Or, more to the point, the consistency of the color scheme was getting to me. So, I spent a couple of hours designing a style sheet for the whole site and then recoding each page to take advantage of it. The result, I hope, is that pages load faster and that colors always signify the same thing.

But I would be remiss not to say something about my progress on Honey-Flavored Soap. I’ve been slowly, through judicious use of EQ and reverb, taking the harshness and muddiness out of the mixes. I’ve also re-recorded a lot of parts, redone drum patterns, and will soon redo all of the vocals and background vocals using my good (rather than utility) microphones. Unfortunately, the results probably won’t be posted here. After all, you have to have some reason to buy the recording when it’s finished…