Recording Progress, Site Changes


There’s not much to report here. The out-of-town demands of work have slowed considerably—and just in time for me to enjoy working with a new computer. Combining the more-than-doubled speed and processing power with some hints gleaned from a book I saw lying in my friend Erik’s living room, I’m finally adding some depth and polish to the demos on the Songs page. If I could just stop writing new songs to focus on re-recording, I’d have HFS out sooner than the summer.

The only other item of note is that I made some minor changes to the web page that probably won’t be obvious to any but the most dedicated readers of these pages (if such people exist). They all relate to the section that used to be called Notes. The name change seemed necessary, as "Notes" seemed simply too vague. "Musings" may not sound like much of an improvement, but it more accurately captures what someone clicking on the link would find. And, just to make visiting it a little more appealing, I’ve posted, since mid-February, varied reflections on new and old recordings that have recently, ahem, warmed my sonic space. So, if you want to understand how I really think about music and recordings, there’s no better place to start.