The Inaugural Post


So, this first item falls into the “patently obvious” category. That is, if you are viewing this page, then you already know that, as of a couple of months ago, I migrated all of the music-related info from the UofC pages to these. I hope you enjoy the redesign, particularly since I spent a good deal of time trying to create a pleasing consistency for this site. I guess I’ll hear from one of you if I’ve failed miserably.

And for those who have typically received my year-end compilations and who are wondering whether I still count them among my dearest friends, not to worry. I’m still planning on sending out the compilation. The list has grown considerably from when it was just something I made to test out a new CD burner. A couple of people who really enjoy getting them (yeah, it surprises me, too) and constantly asked when I’d be done with the compiling and burning were the first recipients. I guess persistence pays off. In the meantime, if you want to know which artists are represented on the compilation, you can use the Faves link to the left. Or you can watch your mailbox between now and mid-February.

Only in the last week or so have I resolved the technical difficulties I was having with my recording setup—all a result of my having to migrate all of my software and plug-ins to a slower computer. From roughly mid-July until last week, I was in danger of not ever being able to open and finalize the file that contained “Face the Day.” Since that was the most complicated mix to date (and since I was less than diligent about documenting how I processed the sounds), I was loathe to have to recreate the whole thing from scratch. Thankfully, now that I seem to have resolved my computer issues, the re-recording, tweaking and editing that needs to be done on the songs for Honey-Flavored Soap can commence. Of course, this means that its release has been delayed once more. Now it appears that summer 2004 is the most reliable date. I’ve come up with a preliminary sequence for the tracks to guide the editing and mixing. Stay tuned for more info…